Baltic Industrial Services UAB is a Lithuanian-Norwegian staffing company that offers flexible and efficient Baltic staffing solutions in construction, shipbuilding, energy and oil and gas in Norway and Sweden. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

With our strategy that is based on high quality staffing services, competitive price, fast delivery and flexibility, we’re able to be a solid asset to your staffing. By working in a limited number of industries has given Baltic Industrial Services more in-depth knowledge and expertise in the specific areas. By running an organisation in which only the necessary functions are present, allows us to keep costs down and this will benefit our customers through the fact that we strive to have the competitive prices and the highest quality staffing services in the industry.

Whether it’s regarding project employment, temporary jobs or recruitment for permanent positions, we always make sure to deliver good candidates that suits your business.

Baltic Industrial Services provides skilled staffing who are readily adaptive to new missions and colleagues in your business, so they will be operative and productive at work after a short time. Our staff has extensive experience in industry and projects in Norway. We cover everything from project managers to the daily operation and production.

We are proud of our employees, we have a committed relationship with their welfare and we do follow ups at the customer’s workplace.

By choosing Baltic Industrial Services you can achieve a rapid improvement of competence in your business, without having to go through a long, demanding and costly recruitment process.