Baltic Industrial Services UAB will provide your business with cost effective, outsourced plate fitters that are fully certified and capable of embarking on any large or small-scale project. Our plate fitters specialize in the layout, positioning, aligning, fitting and securing of large structural components and framing.

All of our outsourced plate fitters are,

  • Proficient in blueprint reading in relation to mechanical and structural drawings. This includes the interpretation of welding symbols and tolerances in decimals and metric dimensions
  • Fully capable of working to close tolerances
  • Have strong mechanical aptitudes
  • Have good communication skills and are able to work alongside tradesmen and senior management regarding to project status, issues and concerns
  • Have experience using cutting saws, torches, plasma and gouging techniques
  • Are familiar with a wide variety of welding processes.
  • Can prepare welding joints that comply with your company specifications
  • Will perform dimensional inspections to meet specifications
  • Have been trained to be flexible while adhering to tight customer deadlines
  • Have previous experience working within an ISO 9001, 18001 and OHSAS 14001 environment
  • Will work to support and contribute to a safe work environment, including but not limited to safe rigging and hoisting practices using overhead cranes
  • Meet the physical demands of industrial plate fitting operations.

All of our plate fitters hold the appropriate trade certifications in plate fitting. Baltic Industrial Services maintains strict standards when selecting job candidates to ensure your company receives only the most qualified individuals for your job.

When you choose our company, we can ensure that you will receive the highest quality services for your plate fitting requirements.