At Baltic Industrial Services UAB we are outsourcing from our customers by providing qualified labor and their know-how in surface preparation and applying coating/lining materials.

The professionals we provide offer their expertise and deliver top quality results. The scope of their services includes professional oversight and advice as well as a variety of specialised painting/coating techniques used to prepare tough and durable surfaces.

From industrial buildings to bridges; from oil platforms to wind power

plants – our skilled workers meet even the most challenging functional needs of various internal and external metal constructions.

The professional industrial painters we provide are dedicated to quality, safety and efficiency and take a great pride in providing the highest quality services. When they come to your project, they come prepared – they use the latest coating technologies which help to fight corrosion and cut operation costs; they work to various top industrial painting standards and use the best tools available on the market.

No job is too large for the tradesmen we provide. All of them have an exceptional amount of on-site experience – they have seen and handled just about any industrial painting situation and are the best in the industrial painting business. They regularly have training courses to build on their professional knowledge, making sure their work is always the most productive.

With Baltic Industrial Services UAB managing your industrial painters staffing needs, you will have more time to focus on achieving your construction goals faster!