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Through Baltic Industrial Services, you will gain access to professional ventilation fitters who are fully certified and ready to meet the environmental and safety requirements specified by your company. By choosing to outsource, your company will dramatically reduce the overhead cost of hiring ventilation fitters while still being able to ensure professional, quality work.

Our ventilation fitters are capable of working on both large and small-scale projects. They will ensure that your building maintains the optimal thermal comfort level and acceptable air quality.

By choosing Baltic Industrial Services, we will provide your company with ventilation fitters who,

  • Are knowledgeable about the installation of both high and low voltage ventilation equipment
  • Replaces expansion valves, compressors, motors, coil units and other component parts on furnace and air conditioning units
  • Have knowledge of pertinent rules and regulations, guidelines, safety orders, department operating procedures and safety regulations sufficient to insure that work is performed in compliance with applicable law
  • Will follow strict safety guidelines and rules to avoid known hazards and complications in the work environment
  • Have years of experience running line sets, installing the new, appropriate breakers in existing breaker panels
  • Completes all paperwork in a neat, accurate, thorough and timely manner
  • Is capable of the design and fabrication of various ducts and duct fittings as required

When you choose our company, we can ensure that the ventilation fitters will be familiar with the applicable building codes and requirements specified by your company. Baltic Industrial Services takes pride in providing our clients with the most qualified individuals available.