Baltic Industrial Services HSE and Quality Policy


Our ambition is to be an industry leader in HSE. This ambition informs the strategic direction for our work on HSE. We want to be recognised for our sound HSE performance and results and a driving force for improving HSE standards and solutions.


We recognise that the oil and gas, construction and shipbuilding industries is facing increased scrutiny and heightened public concern about the integrity and HSE performance of its activities. This highlights how sound HSE performance is a prerequisite for our long-term value creation.


Safety and security continues to be our top priority. It is imperative that we think safety and security throughout the whole value chain, from planning to the execution of work.


The business success of Baltic Industrial Services depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we live and work.


Baltic Industrial Services requires the active commitment to, and accountability for HSE from all employees and contractors. Line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with HSE policies and standards. We are committed to:


  • Protect, and strive for improvement of, the health, safety and security of our people at all times.
  • Eliminate Quality non-conformances and HSE accidents.
  • Meet specified customer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction;
  • Set Quality & HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective management system.
  • Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency, crisis and business disruption.
  • Apply our technical skills to all HSE aspects in the design and engineering of our services and products.
  • Communicate openly with stakeholders and ensure an understanding of our HSE policies, standards, programs and performance. Reward outstanding HSE performance.
  • Improve our performance on issues relevant to our stakeholders that are of global concern and on which we can have an impact, and share with them our knowledge of successful HSE programs and initiatives.


Aiming for quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy we choose a strategic direction on which we base our objectives.


Our strategy is based on the following main provisions:


  • The high quality of the labour hire services is achieved by hiring competent and qualified staff;
  • To ensure the compliance of the staff when providing training which ensure labour market requirements of Norway and Sweden;
  • Compliance with legal and other obligations, taking into account labour standards of Norway and Sweden;
  • Competitive price of the labour hire;
  • Fast reaction and flexibility in the provision of labour hire services;
  • Guarantee to the employees that will they be employed in reliable and safe workplaces;
  • To train staff and ensure that they will be equipped with security measures in order to prevent injuries and illness;
  • In its activities the company strives for pollution prevention and the sustainable use of resources in order to protect the environment.


We help our clients become flexible when making decisions regarding personnel, we provide the best specialists in a particular field, and exactly when you need them.

This Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability. The commitments listed are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with Baltic Industrial Services standards, as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate. This is critical to our business success because it allows us to systematically minimise all losses and adds value for all our stakeholders.

General manager 

Aurimas Jocaitis