Documented training in work place safety/ HSE


The course gives an introductory safety training based on the demands set by the Work Environment Law, regulations about systematic health-, safety- and environment work in businesses (regulation of internal control of HSE) and other related regulations.

Everyone on the Norwegian work market has to have training within safety in the work place/HSE. A big number of workers have never received documented training. This course is especially good for new workers, such as young adults or foreign workers.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Information and safety
  • Laws and regulations
  • Work environment and environmental protection
  • Responsibility and consequences
  • Dangerous goods, marking
  • Dictionary

Target participants:

Anyone who work in Norway, especially within construction and industry.


Increased knowledge of and understanding for Norwegian HSE

Course duration: The course lasts approximately 7.5 hours

Price: 200 EUR + VAT

Admittence to course:

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