Documented training for scaffolding assemblers

“Regulations for work at heights”, §17-2 requires training in assembling, dissembling, changing and controlling scaffolding up to 5 meters.

Course content:

  • Understanding of plans for assembling, dissembling or changing said scaffolding
  • Safety related to assembling, dissembling or changing said scaffolding
  • Actions to prevent fall risk for people and objects
  • Monitoring scaffoldings
  • Safety in case of changing weather
  • Legal load
  • Monitoring scaffoldings

Target participants:

Anyone who is building a scaffolding up to 5 meters tall.


  • Increased knowledge of and understanding for safe work with and on scaffoldings
  • Bring attention to elements of dangers and public regulations for different scaffolding constructions
  • Creating conditions for a safe work place

Course duration:
One day of theory: 7.5 hours
One day of practical training: 7.5 hours
The practical training may be done after individual agreements in relation to the course, or in relation to work. In this case it has to be documented by a certified scaffolding assembler.


At Baltic Industrial Services course center, our focus is on training according to the most recent regulations and following the HSE standards which apply to the petroleum industry in Norway. Our instructors are all experienced scaffolding assemblers with certificates of apprenticeship in this subject and working experience with scaffolding within construction, wharf work, oil and gas.

Price: 250 EUR + VAT

Admittance to course:

All our courses are certified with ISO 9001:2015